Semi-Annual Grave Decoration Clean up and Disposal: Weeks of March 1st and Sept 1st!

Burial Vaults

(Outer Burial Containers)

As you may know, Bethania Cemetery maintains its grounds with heavy equipment such as back hoes and industrial mowers. This type of equipment puts pressure and weight on adjacent graves, causing maintenance concerns as it relates to ground settlement.

Therefore, Bethania Cemetery requires that a casket or cremation urn be placed into an approved outer burial container. Resulting in the minimizing of earth settlement, which allows the Cemetery Grounds to remain level, easy to maintain, and free from hazardous and uneven ground conditions.

A choice of three different types of approved outer burial containers are available directly through our Cemetery Office!

The Oxford

  • Unique Vault Design
  • Polystyrene Liner surrounded by Reinforced Concrete
  • Gold Exterior Finish
  • Tongue and Groove Design
  • Immediate and Secure Seal
  • Personalized Name Plate

The Elite

  • Adds Beauty and Dignity to the Interment Process
  • Tongue and Groove Design
  • Secure and Immediate Butyl Tape Seal
  • Reinforced Concrete with Protective Rubber Base Coating
  • Comes with a White Lid and a Black Base Complimenting a Variety of Caskets Colors and Finishes
  • Also includes a Personalized Name Plate on the Lid Cover
  • High Quality Entry Level Sealed Container

Minimum Cemetery Requirement (Grave Box)

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Non-sealing
  • Resists weight and future grave settling

Please Note: If you choose to purchase your vault from another source, be sure that cost includes the cemetery vault handling fee. When a vault or any other approved outer burial container is purchase directly through our office, the total price includes the handling fee.